Embedded Software Engineer at Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
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Embedded Software Engineer

Location:  Bedford, MA Hybrid on site in Bedford MA 1-2 days a week


Local Candidate only 

Here is the job description: Yocto expertise is key

Software Engineer 

Position Summary:

Under minimal supervision, performs software development activities including software requirements, architecture, design, implementation, and integration.


Required Qualifications:
Yocto Experience:
Demonstrated proficiency in writing recipes
Ability to create images
Collaborative experience with DevOps for setting up Development Environments
Strong understanding of Linux internals:
Knowledge of hardware/software interaction, including bootloaders (especially u-boot and grub) and system boot sequences
Understanding of kernel structure
Knowledge of packages and package management:
Proficiency in patching and apt system
Capability to troubleshoot hardware/software issues:
Skilled in debugging driver-level issues in the operating system
Proficiency in reading schematics:
Comprehensive understanding of hardware components from an electrical standpoint, encompassing NOR, NAND, SPI flash, and bus comprehension
Familiarity with processor fundamentals such as x86 and ARM
Experience with C++ embedded development

Preferred Qualifications:
Thorough understanding of development processes within a regulated industry
Prior exposure to IEC62304 standards
Ability to build and customize Petalinux

Key Accountabilities

Essential Functions:
Participates as an active member on a development team. This includes participating in requirements review, design reviews, code reviews, test case reviews, and team meetings.
Participates as an active member on a project development team.  This includes requirements change control, defect management, risk analysis, and release management.
Creates/Maintains software requirement/functional specifications.
Creates/Maintains software architecture documentation.
Creates/Maintains software (component) design documentation.
Creates/Maintains software source code that adheres to design documentation.
Performs unit testing and/or code reviews as per project policy.
Performs integration testing to ensure software functions with application and with electrical/mechanical devices.
Evaluates, investigates, and implements fixes to assigned software defects.
Evaluates, investigates, and implements assigned software change proposals.
Provides level of effort for assigned software activities.
Tracks personal estimates over time in order to improve accuracy.
Follows project and corporate plans, standards, and procedures to perform development.
Performs other related duties as assigned

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Embedded Software Engineer
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