Mainframe DB2 Developer with z OS environment For Plano, TX at Plano, Texas, USA
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Position: Mainframe DB2 Developer with z/OS environment

Location: Plano, TX

Install, upgrade, maintain and customize DB2 and its associated IBM and 3rd party software Monitor DB2 on z/OS environment Create, modify and maintain the DB2 databases on z/OS environment Technical system support for DB2 sub systems, database tools and utilities Support DB2 business, end user and application requirements. Monitors DB2 Regions across life cycles, take necessary remedial action as required. Reorganize and update statistics in the DB2 System Catalog tables. Perform regular housekeeping activities like administer the data server on which DB2 resides like monitoring disk space and the DB2 logs, Backups and protect the integrity of the data. Review all data models for technical accuracy. This includes the enforcement of all modeling and naming standards Perform all structural changes to DB2 databases Work with Buyers Security Administration to insure that proper security is in place for DB2 data Regularly review Automation and Dependency of systems tasks Manage and maintain data definitions for all prod and non-prod databases DB2 SQL performance tuning Perform Database backups, reorg and recovery DB2 Plan and Package management DB2 Database maintenance using utilities Assisting the developer teams in debugging DB2 related issues

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Mainframe DB2 Developer with z OS environment For Plano, TX
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