Looking Remote || C55 functionality||San Francisco, CA (Remote) at Francisco, Indiana, USA
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For the following, Quantum World IT is seeking the best consultant profile.

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Looking Remote ||

C55 functionality

||San Francisco, CA (Remote)


1. At least one full scale C55 implementation experience

2. Clear understanding on C55 functionality such as investment lifecycle management, value and risk modeling, portfolio optimization and asset analytics.

3. Detailed understanding about various C55 functional configurations such as investment configuration, Financial configuration, portfolio configuration and workflow configuration.

4. Sound understanding in Copperleaf value framework and should be able to validate investment evaluation based on value framework calculations.

5. Must be able to guide customer on investment optimization methodology and best practices.

6. Must be able to perform the gap analysis between customer requirement and design documents prepared by Copperleaf.

7. Must be able to validate design decisions captured during workshops and the C55 system configured by Copperleaf team.

8. Should have clear idea about integration capability of Copperleaf application1. Good understanding of Oil & Gas or Utilities business processes and investment requirements with respect to Asset Management. At least one is preferred.

2. Good knowledge and experience with defining workflow processes for the entire investment Lifecycle

3. Good understanding of the reporting and integration requirements from the business and to validate whether the requirements are meet by vendor (Copperleaf)

4. Knowledge of agile way of developing configurable COTS solution.

5. Good Analytical Capabilities

6. Team Management Skills

7. Excellent interpersonal skill to deal with customer to provide best possible solution for them.

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Rhitik Gaur

Technical Recruiter

Direct : +1 805 973 0148

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Looking Remote || C55 functionality||San Francisco, CA (Remote)
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