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This is TCS requirement. Please share me your resume with contact details and visa of your at 

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Mobile application Tester

San Antonio,TX~Plano, TX

Contract requirements

Skills:   Design, develop, and execute test plans for mobile application testing Expand the role and scope of mobile device testing to include user acceptance testing. Perform objective code analysis to find and fix bugs in mobile applications Review mobile device compatibility and report any potential issues to management. Take on a leadership role in driving the adoption of mobile device testing practices and policies throughout the organization. Ensure quality assurance, successful completion of project goals, and adherence to project schedules Identify and solve problems using critical thinking and analytical skills. Strong understanding of mobile development lifecycle Knowledge of modern mobile development, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Knowledge of application testing, QA methodologies and frameworks. Knowledge of cloud test automation frameworks. Knowledge of mobile testing best practices. Knowledge of mobile performance and testing techniques. Knowledge of mobile testing tools and resources. Knowledge of mobile device test


Sachin Noulakha

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Mobile application Tester_San Antonio,TX~Plano, TX
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