Python Engineer at Austin, Texas, USA
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Hope you are doing great!!! 

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Role :  Python Engineer 

Location :  Austin TX or Cupertino, CA

Visa : GC / USC / GC EAD

MOI :  Skype

PLEASE DO NOT Submit candidates without Telekom (LTE / 3GPP Cellular) domain expertise.

Must be local to Austin TX or Cupertino, CA

Must have

- Expertise in Core Python(Data Structures, OOPs, Data types, File Handling, - Exception Handling, Generators, Iterators, Multi Threading etc)

- Good hold on Python Statistical libraries (Ex. One or more of Numpy, Scipy, Scikit etc)

- Experience with Python GUI programming ( Ex. One or more of PyQT, TkInter etc)

- Experience with Database interaction (Ex. SQL Lite)

- Experience with ORM(Object relationship mappers) libraries.

- Ability to translate the Wireless Cellular Technology Protocol knowledge into requirements & working code

- Strong knowledge of LTE Technology and the different control layers (L1, RLC, RRC, NAS) as well as data plane protocols.

- Experience in 5G (NSA & SA) is a strong plus


Lovely Singh

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07:23 AM 30-Sep-23

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