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Hope you are doing great.

Kindly go  through the below job description and share me your consultants updated profile:

Job Description

Role: EDM Developer

Location: El Segundo, CA -That is preferred location, second is NY but they really need him in LA

Hybrid: onsite 3 days

Must have:

The integration experience with accounting and other systems of EDM

Strong history of prior roles in financial services (at least 3 long term contracts)


5-6 years experience with the Markit EDM tool.

Candidates MUST have stability in previous roles. Our client will not consider candidates with a high number of jobs in a short period of time.

Strong history of prior roles in financial services (not just 1 or 2 short term contracts). 

We are currently looking for an EDM Developer to join our Application Development and Support team focusing on EDM support for our client. 

The Application Development and Support Team consists of both analysts and developers that provide critical support for all applications and its integration with Accounting and other downstream systems. 

The candidate will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the organization as an individual contributor while also being part of a high-performance application development team.

Technology is central to our success and key to maintaining our competitive edge. 

Currently in the El Segundo, CA/ LA area or New York City area

we would prefer someone who is in Los Angeles, specifically near El Segundo as we want them to go into the office 3 days a week. If we cannot find anyone in LA, we will consider hiring someone in NYC. 

Thanks and Regards.

Subham Mohanty

Technical Recruiter

Vyze INC(An E- VerifiedCompany)

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