Senior Network Engineer at Dallas, Texas, USA
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Sanjeev Kumar Singh,

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I'm Sanjeev from

TEK Inspirations

We have a requirement for you and the details are as follows

Please review the Job specifications below and let me know if interested. 

Please confirm this email that you received it also send me your
DL, Visa , 4 digit SSN, education details and LinkedIn profile  as well.

Job Description -

Job Title : Senior Network Engineer 

Location : Dallas,TX,Denver,CO Hybrid

MOI       : Skype

10+ years of experience.

We are looking for a Senior level candidate who have extensive experience in either NW Automation python/ansible or AWS NW pros.

Must have some recent carrier experience ie Verizon, sprint, T-Mobile etc.


Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Keywords: information technology Colorado Texas
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09:43 AM 30-Sep-23

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