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Kindly go  through the below job description and share me your consultants updated profile:

Job Description

Title: Senior DevOps Engineer (Istio experience)

Location: Onsite. Houston, TX

MOI: Skype

Required Competencies  

The successful candidate will meet the following qualifications:

Degree from an accredited college in computer science or related industry experience is required.

8+ years of experience in DevOps or Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) roles is required.

Strong expertise in Istio and Kubernetes, including hands-on experience with Istio installation, configuration, and troubleshooting is required.

Strong expertise in implementing micro-services architecture is required.

Strong proficiency with shell/bash scripting is required.

5+ years of experience with CI/CD pipelines and containerization technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes) is required.

2+ years of experience implementing on-premises micro-services architecture is required.

Security-minded with experience implementing security measures in a micro-services environment is required.

In-depth knowledge of networking concepts, including TCP/IP, DNS, and HTTP is required.

Familiarity with observability tools (Prometheus, Grafana, Jaeger) and log management solutions is preferred.

Proficiency with automation using tools like Ansible, Terraform, or similar is preferred.

Responsibilities include:

Micro-services Architecture: Design, implement, and manage the Istio-based service mesh and API gateway to ensure efficient traffic routing, load balancing, and service discovery.

Deployment and Automation: Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines and automation scripts for deploying microservices and Istio configurations.

Security: Implement security policies and practices within the service mesh, including mTLS encryption, RBAC, and security scanning.

Monitoring and Observability: Set up monitoring and observability tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, and Jaeger to gain insights into the performance and health of microservices.

Scalability: Optimize the service mesh to handle traffic growth and work on capacity planning.

Troubleshooting: Investigate and resolve issues related to service mesh configurations, network problems, and performance bottlenecks.

Documentation: Create and maintain detailed documentation, including best practices, standard operating procedures, and architectural diagrams.

Collaboration: Collaborate with development teams to understand their requirements and ensure that the service mesh infrastructure meets their needs.

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Subham Mohanty

Technical Recruiter

Vyze INC(An E- VerifiedCompany)

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