Need-Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)-Columbus,Ohio at Columbus, Ohio, USA
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Kindly go  through the below job description and share me your consultants updated profile:

Job Description

Title: Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)

Location: Remote: Must be local to Ohio there may be times they need to be on-site in Columbus, OH

Duration: 12+ months

MOI: Skype

Retail experience is required 

Need only 5 page resume

What are the top 3 to 5 skills you are looking for from a candidate  SCCM, Powershell, Windows system administration, Windows system imaging, Windows system OS patching

We are seeking an experienced Infrastructure Engineer. In this role, the candidate will engineer, support, configure, and deploy Microsoft Infrastructure, with a high degree of experience with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), formerly System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). In addition, the engineer will be responsible for learning/participating in the design and support of stores systems - including store and home office Windows servers, store Windows registers and Surface Go tablets.


Provide subject expertise in design, configuration, implementation, and support of Microsofts System Center Configuration Manager and Intune

Exposure to co-management (Intune + MECM) as part of modern device management transformation

Design and deployment experience of iOS, Android, and Windows 10 configurations and policies through Intune

Strong troubleshooting skills on Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows devices

Provide expertise regarding Intune, Windows Virtual Desktop, Endpoint Security, and policy-based configuration management (Intune/GPO), and the end-to-end lifecycle of building Windows system images, application packaging, patching, and software distribution

Experience in software and patch deployment processes

Extensive hands-on experience automating Configuration Manager processes through scripting using PowerShell to automate and enhance the delivery of services

Windows support experience - Highly skilled in troubleshooting OS-level stability and performance issues on server/register/tablet equipment

Experience with Microsoft Active Directory, group policies, user profiles within Windows, imaging software, and file/security permissions

Application packaging and distribution through Enterprise Software Center


4-year degree in Computer Information Systems or an equivalent combination of coursework and job experience

5-7+ years experience implementing/supporting device management platforms on various operating systems and hardware

End User Computing and Infrastructure technical skills, especially in the areas of Desktop, VDI, Remote Access, Windows OS Image Management, End-point Security, Application Packaging, Group Policy, and Security patching

Strong experience with MDM, Intune/Microsoft Configuration Manager, PowerShell

Experience with cloud infrastructure

Thanks and Regards.

Subham Mohanty

Technical Recruiter

Vyze INC(An E- VerifiedCompany)

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25179 Methley Plum Place, Aldie, VA 20105



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