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Role :  Sr. Cloud Architect

Location :  Remote

Duration : 12 months CTH

Visa : No h1/CPT  

Must Have:- 

Need to be very senior GCP certified and great with GCP migrations

*   You will work collaboratively with other architects and engineers to design, prototype and lead

      the deployment of scalable Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Platform) architectures.

*   You will work with engineering teams, customers and sales teams to qualify potential

      engagements, craft robust architectural proposals, and deliver Statements of Work (SOWs) that

      engineering teams can successfully execute.

*   You will demonstrate repeated delivery of project architectures that other engineers and

     architects demur to you for lack of expertise calls, as well as lead client-facing technical


*   You have your finger on the pulse of their technical needs and take pride in helping them solve

     their real world problems on Google Cloud Platform.

*   You will be measured quarterly by a combination of (a) the volume of signed SOWs that you

     shepard through the sales funnel, and (b) the level of customer satisfaction measured at the end

      of each engagement.

*    As you continue to execute successfully, we will build a customized development plan together

      that leads you through the solution architecture or management growth tracks.

*    Required Travel as needed to customer sites, conferences, and other related events.

*    Customer Facing-You will interact with customers on a regular basis, sometimes daily, othr

      times  weekly/bi-weekly.

*    Common touchpoints occur when qualifying potential opportunities, at project kickoff,

      throughout the engagement as progress is communicated, and at project close.

*    You can expect to interact with a range of customer stakeholders, including engineers, technical

      project managers, and executives.

Keywords: business intelligence
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03:49 AM 01-Oct-23

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