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TIttle: QA Analyst

Location: Washington

Duration : 6 months

Visa: Only USC (Local) 

Washington DC 20006- Remote with one day a week onsite

Per Federal Govt Sector U.S Citizenship Is Required

Ability to pass Federal background check is required for Level 4 Public Trust Clearance

Mid-or Senior level tester with at least 3 years experience in System testing, both frontend and backend. Includes manual testing of software functionality

Experience in test case development

Ability to work independently in an Agile setting

Experience in Azure DevOps

Strong communication skills both written and oral 6. Presentation skills are required for this position

Technical Skills

Experience in testing Angular, API, and SQL Server testing

Some experience needed with automation testing using Selenium

Experience working with clients to understand requirement and write test scripts against requirements Strong understanding of different types of testing and ability to execute testing at all phases of development

Keywords: quality analyst
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04:25 AM 01-Oct-23

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